OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU: We are certain the products in our catalog are the finest items found for their value. If you are not completely satisfied with the materials when received, return them, insured, within 24 hours of your receipt for an exchange or refund.

HOW TO ORDER: You may order by phone, email or fax. Your order will be processed as soon as full payment has been received. Plant orders are processed on a first paid/first processed schedule. Many plant species sell out as much as six months or more, prior to spring planting time. Please do not hesitate to call or email before placing your order.

CONTAINER SIZES: Most plants from Wildlife Habitat Nursery are grown in StyroblockTM containers with test-tube-like cavities. The cavity size is measured in cubic inches, and correlates with the ultimate size of the root plug created by the finished plant. Our common sizes are 10, 20 cubic inch and Tall One gallon. Depending on the species and length of growing time, the top growth of each plant responds differently to container size. Growth rate, and total seasonal growth, typically increases with container size. Root-to-shoot ratio is kept in balance by nursery practices to ensure successful outplanting.

MINIMUM ORDERS: Plant orders with less than the following minimum quantities may receive a special handling charge.

10 cu.in. ………… 20
20 cu.in..………… 10
Tall-One………… 120

Note: Though we attempt to grow a variety of species in various sized containers, we do not grow all species in each container size. Please call to confirm species availability in the container size you desire before ordering.

PAYMENT METHODS: We accept cash, bank checks, or money orders

VOLUME DISCOUNT: We offer a 2% discount for any plant orders $1000 to $4,999; a 5% discount for plant orders $5,000 to $9,999; and plant order over $10,000 receive a 10% discount. Orders over $1000 may require an Order Contract.